Manhole Rehabilitiation

Often overlooked as a part of a larger relining project, Manhole and Drainage structures often suffer more damage due to age then the pipes they serve.  Repairing them is a challenging process from all directions.  There are many times located in higher traffic areas, The damage can be difficult to see and evaluate without training and proper tools, and they are difficult to rehabilitate.
We have worked hard to find the best products and techniques to repair these structures. We have even tried and then discarded some methods even having made an investment in the technology.  Many would wonder why we would do that and the answer boils down to; they just didn’t work well enough.  Consistent with our mission to provide the best to meet our customers needs we have mastered the best tools and techniques on the market and are even working to develop newer and better products for the future.
No structure is too large or too far gone for us to look at, give us a call and we will find the solution for your structure problem today.