Spray on Coating

As our infrastructure has grown larger and more complex so to have the systems used to support that infrastructure.  In the area of Storm water and Sewage transportation, this growth has lead to some interesting solutions to complex challenges, and as these structures age, we are required to come up with complex solutions to rehabilitate them.
It is in these applications where Spray on Coatings come into their own.  First what are spray on coatings you might ask.  As simple as it sounds they are exactly that, a coating that is literally sprayed onto the pipe or structure to protect and reinforce it.  That said there are two primary applications for Spray on Coatings that we will focus on;

Large and Non-Uniform Pipes and Structures

There are a surprising number of drainage lines out there that are not simply one pipe under a road, but a mish mash of various pipes and sizes that have been joined to one another over the years.  These pipes present a host of issues using traditional lining techniques.  Spray on Coatings however can easily conform to whatever size shape or configuration of the pipes, and they can be carried on into drainage structures, flat surfaces and other objects for which a high level of stability and protection are required.
Also there are a large number of culverts and other structures that are simply too large to be lined with traditional techniques.  Nobody has devised a cured in place liner that is 28 feet wide and 18 feet high, we are trying but we are not there yet.

Protection of Pipes and Structures

There are any number of situations where environmental, chemical or mechanical influences can act to damage an otherwise perfectly sound pipe or structure.  In order to protect these structures the use of spray on coatings can play a key role in extending their life and stability.  
Please contact us about your specific project and we can help tailor a customized solution.