Whenever we tell someone that we do UVCIPP we always get a funny look, then they immediately follow that up with “What’s that?
“Well I’m glad you asked….”
UVCIPP is short for Ultraviolet Cured In Place Pipe.  This unique technology incorporates the extreme strength of fiberglass composite material with the environmentally friendly process of ultraviolet curing of the resin.  Together these create an immensely strong, tough and long lived liner with a minimum impact on the community and the environment.  These liners are more than 5 times stronger than traditional cured in place liners and many times are stronger than the pipe they are placed inside of WHEN IT WAS NEW.
So one might wonder why we need to use this technology at all and the reasons are quite simple.  In a fraction of the time it would take to dig and replace a pipe, we can line it with a seamless super strong liner that will last 4 times longer (or More) and will not leave a trace of its installation.
Liners are the ultimate solution to failing pipes in infrastructure or environmentally challenged installation sites.  The nature of the liners design and installation allows it to conform to changes of shape in the pipe as well as offsets and heavy erosion.  Further the fact that the entire installation is carried out through manhole or other access points and that no digging or disruption of the overhead (or underneath infrastructure) is critical in areas where open digging is just not an option such as under buildings, major highways, railroad beds, waterways, homes, wetlands etc.
Subsurface, Inc. specializes in installing premium UV liners from Omega Liner Company
Not only is this a minimal impact process it is a fast and efficient process as well, most small liners can be installed in a few hours and large liners can generally be completed within a day.  That’s arrival onsite to restoration of flow!
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